What does a 30 year roof mean?

Despite this additional ruggedness, they generally do not require any type of support or additional roof structure. This isn't always the best way to judge the quality of roofing shingles today. Some shingles are longer than others, making the lump weigh more. Other manufacturers use materials that may be heavier or lighter.

Fiberglass is often used, which creates a shingle that is lightweight but still very durable. Even with this in mind, most 20-year-old shingles will be more fragile than 30-year-old shingles. Because of their fragility, they will offer less protection against bad weather. Twenty year old shingles are often referred to as 3-tab shingles and aren't as popular as 30-year-old shingles or architectural shingles.

They are also known as dimensional or architectural tiles. Owen's 30-year-old Corning shingles are sold as “Oakridge”.