How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof Completely?

In general, replacing the roof of an average residence (3,000 square feet or less) can be done in one day. In extreme cases, it may take up to three to five days. Depending on the climate, complexity, and accessibility of your home, it could take up to three weeks. The time it takes to replace a roof varies depending on the size, shape, roof damage and roofing personnel.

In some cases, a complete roof reconstruction may be necessary and this could take a couple of days. The roofing contractor you hire will be able to provide you with the best schedule for completing the roof replacement. Most licensed roofing contractors have several projects underway at the same time and they will consider many factors when drawing up an estimate of the time frame, such as the type of roofing materials used. The average replacement time for asphalt shingles is one to two days, while concrete tiles can take more than eight to nine days to replace.

Flat roofs, wooden planks, synthetic slate and steel sheets take three to five days on average, while natural slate can take up to six or seven days to install. If replacing your roof requires custom materials or if your house has historic significance that needs to be maintained, you can expect the process to take longer. A professional roofer will inspect different areas of your roof to determine if it needs to be replaced or not. While the roof replacement process may not be pleasant to live with, the end results are well worth the time and investment.

If there is excessive curvature or you have more than a few shingles missing, you may need to replace the roof instead of a minor repair. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to determining how long it will take professionals to replace the roof.