When is it Time to Replace Your Shingle Roof?

You may need to replace your shingle roof if you notice any of the following signs: curved, missing or mossy shingles, cracked shingles, damaged or bent shingles, loose or missing shingles, damage or discoloration around vents, lack of granules, moss or algae growth, damage around chimneys or skylights. Overlapping is when a new layer of shingles is installed on top of the old one and can be about 25% less expensive than completely replacing the roof. However, it is usually best to tear off the old roof and start from scratch. The gasket is a type of roofing material that hermetically seals the chimney or other penetrations and is usually made of aluminum or steel.

The joint cover can last 30 years but if it rusts or cracks, water can leak into the chimney and into the house. A local roof inspector can tell you if the joint cover needs to be repaired. Missing or broken tile patches can cause leaks and the roof should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further loss of protection. Another key sign that you may need to replace the roof is that you see moss on or between the shingles.

These can include roof slopes that receive direct sunlight, as well as valleys, which are where roof slopes meet. If your roof is aging for its type, it's probably time to call a local roofing company for a quote. We offer financing options so you can enjoy the safety and security of a roof replacement without a large initial cost. The roof can simply be repaired if the damage is minor, but in cases of severe or widespread damage, a new roof may be the solution.

Sometimes, the need to repair the roof isn't as obvious as a leak or a roof fault; there are a variety of signs that may indicate that the roof needs to be restored. That said, if you don't change your roof when you first see signs of wear and tear, repairs can cost more in the future. If you notice that shingles are missing on your roof after high winds or a storm, you should replace them to prevent further damage. Small holes in the roof can be repaired once the invader is removed, but if not repaired, damage caused by wildlife can eventually cause even more damage to the roof and property.

If you've reviewed the list and the signs indicate that you need a new roof, a local roofing company can assess your current situation and recommend a repair or replacement. This is a clear sign that the roof is damaged or that shingles are missing, and the roof is likely to leak. Ask your roofing professional if you see any hail damage, as it might be worth filing a coverage claim for roof replacement, Feller says. You can replace the roof completely or, if you have an asphalt shingle roof, overlay the existing shingles.

The easiest way to realize that you need to replace the roof is that the shingles themselves are starting to look worn out.