Replacing Roof Shingles: A Step-by-Step Guide

Asphalt tile roofs are known for their low maintenance and long-lasting durability. However, there may be times when a small repair is necessary, and thankfully, asphalt shingles can be easily removed and replaced in just seven steps. Replacing or repairing a single tile is not something that should be taken lightly, nor is it a repair that should be delayed. It's important to inspect the roof to check its integrity if one of the shingles fails.

The first step is to install the subfloor. Then, install the repair shingles. Repair shingles may need to be cut to size with a utility knife if the damaged shingles weren't full size. If they are cracking, they will need to be replaced.

The extent of the replacement depends on how quickly the problem is detected, so surveillance remains important. You can usually unfasten them without removing the shingles, so you don't necessarily have to replace the roof. However, if you see a dense “tar mosaic” on the ceiling, fix it just before it leaks and causes damage to the interior, but don't change the entire roof. When it comes to replacing individual shingles or the entire roof, there are some things to consider.

For example, hardwood shingles can be used for steeper sloped roofs, but they are not suitable for flatter, low-slope roofs. If your roof is more than 20 years old and most of the shingles are damaged or heavily worn, it's time to replace it. This roofing practice is no longer allowed in some jurisdictions, where it is now required to completely tear off the old roof. Schedule a roof inspection to determine the best course of action by contacting us at Parks Height Roofing today.

Seeing that the shingles are curved may indicate the presence of more serious problems, such as leaks, which may involve replacing the roof. The problem with a wind-damaged roof is that exposed spots on the roof can be difficult to detect, especially if the shingles have been lifted. The International Residential Code says that a new roof cannot be placed over two or more applications of any type of roof covering. When you feel like your roof is coming to the end of its useful life, review these basic concepts before requesting bids from roofing contractors.

When gathering information about your next roof installation, you may be wondering if roof felting is a necessary step. In conclusion, replacing or repairing asphalt shingles is not too difficult and can be done in seven steps. It's important to inspect the roof regularly and take action as soon as any damage is detected in order to prevent further damage and costly repairs.