What are the most common roofing problems?

Roof leaks are probably the most common roofing problems affecting most homeowners. Roof leaks are common among homeowners and can occur for many reasons, such as insufficient insulation, inadequate ventilation, ice accumulations, worn pipes, or inadequate installations. When you see water running down your walls, the reason is probably a leak in the roof. Look for signs of leaks in the ceiling, such as water stains or mold.

Once you see a leak, the best thing to do is to repair it in time to minimize damage. However, if left untreated, roof leaks cause costly damage and structural problems. Professionals also recommend doing a roof tune-up every 8 to 12 years. This work includes maintenance tasks, such as repairing busted nails, replacing damaged shingles, sealing exposed nails, and replacing pipe covers.

When roofing material shrinks, it can cause a number of other difficulties, such as deterioration, cracking and the separation of critical components, such as joint plugs. Shrinkage especially affects roofs covered with EPDM (a synthetic rubber membrane) and all other roof coverings. The professionals at Pfister Roofing have decades of experience repairing flat roofs. If you're worried about shrinkage or simply need your roof inspected for signs of shrinkage-related damage, call us.

Over time, roofs can develop cracks, blisters, and ridges. Your chances of seeing such damage depend on the type of roof you have installed. Built roofs are multi-layered roofs that cover a relatively flat surface, and are particularly susceptible to cracking and blistering. Roof shutters play an important role in preventing leaks in the most vulnerable areas of the roof, such as the chimney, valleys, around dormers and skylights, and chimneys.

Schedule at least one roof inspection per year to ensure that your roof is properly maintained and gets the best results. You can avoid this problem by having a roofer install a drip edge when building or replacing the roof. If you need a thorough inspection, routine maintenance, or emergency roof repair anywhere in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, contact Pfister Commercial Roofing. By knowing the most common mistakes in roof installations, repairs and replacements, you can save yourself the hassle and expense of more serious problems in the future.

Common cause of roof tile damage Even a high-quality, perfectly installed roof wears out over time and is damaged. Since the roof protects your home from the outside elements, such as scorching heat and heavy snowstorms, a proper roofing system must withstand any conditions. After a downpour or snowstorm, stagnant water on the roof can cause mold or mildew, affecting roofing material and causing leaks or structural damage. Whether the shingles are poorly installed, the shingles have broken, or some of the materials have come loose in a storm, once the roofing materials are damaged or displaced, this compromises the integrity of the roof and causes many problems.

It's best to hire one of the best roofing contractors to professionally install your roof, as this can be a dangerous project without direct experience. Whether your roof needs a simple repair or a complete replacement, the first step is to get the best estimate of the roof. .